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Is FSNinja on iOS?

Yes... kind of.

Unfortunately the iOS app is still in development (follow our Facebook page for updates on its release), but fear not, in the meantime you can get an app-like experience by adding the web app to your homescreen. Please follow these steps:
  1. Go to on your mobile browser if you haven't already.
  2. Tap the the settings icon, it'll look like one of these:
  3. Finally click Add to Home Screen.

When will FSNinja be in the App Store?

Honestly, ASAP.

It's essentially ready, so when I can find a few days free it'll be out. Developing FSNinja is something that I work on in my free time. It's a big endeavor and I'm forced to strike a balance between spending my time adding new features or getting into the App Store - sorry!

Why did Android get priority?

You guys and costs mostly.

A combination of analytics from the early web app and user feedback suggested that more of you are Android users than are iOS. Add to it that iOS development is more costly (FSNinja is free!) and logistically complex and the choice was clear.

Can I support development?


The best way you can support is by giving me feedback and helping to spread the word. Liking/participating on the Facebook page, sharing it with friends, and leaving a review on the Play Store are all great helps!